Another 6 Pin SMD IC in LED & LCD TV/Monitor 

lcd led tv monitor 6 pin smd ic

Nowadays, lots of the SMD components inside the LED & LCD TV or Monitor. Especially the 6 pins type SMD components. Because of their body size is same as other three pins type SMD components, so we will think it was a diode, transistor, or etc. So with this article, I will let you know the 6 pins type SMD IC in LED/LCD TV.  

Here is the list of 6 pins SMD components: 

1) AP4313(Constant Voltage and Constant Current Controller IC) 

Marking Code= G6G 

ap4313  G6G

Ap4313 pins description


2) FDC6333C(30V N & P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFETs) 

Marking Code= 333x

=> 333, 3333, 333A, 333J, 333K, 333L & etc 


333 3333 333l 333k 


3) LD7537(PWM Controller Power IC) 

Marking Code= 37x

=> JtP 37R, KGP 37R, LIP 37R, LWP 37R & etc 

ld7537 pin description

37 JtP 37R KGP 37R LIP 37R LWP 37R


4) NCP1251A(PWM Controller Power IC) 

Marking Code= 5AAxxx





5) NCP1251B(PWM Controller Power IC) 

Marking Code= 5A2xxx

=> 5A2RAW, 5A2RXG, 5A2RYM, 5A2RYU, 5A2RZV, 5A2RZY & etc 




6) RT9293BGJ6 (High Performance Asynchronies Boots for 10 WLED Driver) 

Marking Code= BT=xxx

=> BT=904, BT=K45, BT=MO7, BT=EON, BT=FOJ & etc 

RT9293 pin description



7) SG6848TZ1 (Green-Mode PWM Controller Power IC) 

Marking Code= AAHxx

=> AAHBB, AAHBH & etc 

*Can use the EA514 marking code IC as an equivalent. 





With the above information, you will get some points there. For example, when you see the 6 pins component marking code as: BT=xxx , it was a RichTek RT9293 Asynchronies Boots Driver IC. So that you can search their IC datasheet with this part number and find out their valuable info to repair the TV. Or find the equivalent 6 pins SMD components in the junk board with similar marking code and replace it.  

Some repairer they can’t find these type of components datasheet is because, if you’re just type in their marking code in internet search engine, it can’t find any related information for you. After that it will disturb your repair jobs or even give up to repair the TV!  


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