LCD & LED TV Repair


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most user asked questions and you may read it first before you send the question email to us:

1) How can i get the book after i' m made the payment?

- Actually this is not a physical product and you can get the repair information on the spot. After the payment made, you will automatically redirect to a thank you page, where this page will show your membership account login information. So you can use this information logon to the members area to view the repair information we provided. At the same time, our website mail server will sent out an email with your membership account login details too. This will let you save or write down the membership account login information.


2) How long or when will this membership expire?

- No, this membership account are non-expire. You can continue to use our service month after month and year after year!


3) How about the payment? Will i need to payment monthly or any extra fees?

- No, this membership is a ONE Time (one off) payment. So does NOT need to pay any extra charges or monthly even yearly charges!


4) Can i print out the repair information or repair manual for easy reference?

-Yes! You can print out most of the repair information and bind it as a book for easy reference or view it easily.


5) Currently i don't have the credit card or account. How can i make the payment? Can i send the cash for you?

- No, please DON'T send the cash by mail. Because it will always missing on the half way! Beside the Credit Card/Debit Card or Paypal account, you can send the payment by Western Union or MoneyGram. Where they are money transfer service agents worldwide. If you want this type of services, please send me an email and i will provide the information for you by email.


6) Can i ask my cousin (who has the Paypal account) help me to join your LCD TV Repair membership?

-Yes, you can. But you may want to send me an inform email with your cousin email address (their Paypal email address) and his/her name. So i can manually changed the membership account login information for you.