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Problem to receiving our email or confirmation email?

* Problem to comunication with us by email? Please read below:

a) "I had subscribe to your subscribe newsletter list, but why i can't received any response from your side?"

b) "I try to key in many time to the retrieve password link, but i can't get any feedback from you?"

c) "Why i sent several email to you and you never reply to me?"

The above questions & problem is the same, our email has been block by your email filter system. Our auto reply email system by or i sent you the email manually also same results.

The solution is like below:

Step 1: Check Your Inbox and Confirm Your Subscription....

In order to download the free service manual, you will need to confirm your email address, this is to make sure that someone else isn't using your email address without your permission and is required by the Can Spam Act.

Please check your email box as in just a few moments you should receive a confirmation request email.

Simply click on the confirmation link in the email [see the image below] and then we can send you the download link straight away.

Once you've clicked on the confirmation link you should receive this second email that includes the download page link within a few moments, you may need to click on the Send/Receive email button in your email program.

confirm email

We respect your email privacy and promise to never sell, share or rent your email address to any unauthorized third party. Period! By submitting your email address you are also requesting and agreeing to receive important information from time to time. You may unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of each email.


Step 2: White List My Email Address

If you use Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, or any similar service, please be sure to read the following instructions below..

picture email

We’re asking you to confirm your subscription to make sure you are the person requesting this information and so that you will receive notifications for any updates regarding free repair info. Once you’ve confirmed, I’ll be able to keep you informed as to anything related to your subscription and upcoming latest repair information.

If you haven’t received your confirmation email with the subject line: RESPONSE REQUIRED: Please Confirm your request for the lcdtv-subscribe, it is most likely due to spam filters (Especially if you use a free email provider like Yahoo, MSN or even AOL). Please check your “Spam” or Bulk mail folders for the email. Make sure you add me to our buddy list or “white list” if needed.

Here’s how to do that for some of the most popular e-mail providers:

yahoo folder 

Here's how to add us to your Yahoo whitelist:

1. Open your Yahoo mailbox
2. Click "Mail Options"
3. Click "Filters"
4. Next, click "Add Filter"
5. In the top row, labeled "From Header:" make sure "contains" is selected.
6. Click in the text box next to that drop-down menu, and enter the address in the "From" line of our e-mail message (Please select the e-mail address from the list provided)
7. At the bottom, where it says "Move the message to:" select "Inbox" from the menu.
8. Click the "Add Filter" button again.

a logo

If you're using AOL, here's how to receive our mails:

1. Go to "Mail Controls"
2. Select the screen name we're sending your e-mail to
3. Click "Customize Mail Controls For This Screenname."

For AOL version 7.0: In the section for "exclusion and inclusion parameters", include these domains: and For AOL version 8.0: Select "Allow e-mail from all AOL members, e-mail addresses and domains”. Then…

1. Click "Next" until the Save button shows up at the bottom
2. Click "Save."


msn logo

To receive our emails with Hotmail, please follow these steps if you're having trouble:

1. Click the "Options" tab
2. Under "Mail Handling" select "Safe List"
3. In the space provided, enter the address in the "From" line of this e-mail
4. Click "Add"
5. When you see the address you entered in the Safe List box, click "OK. 

If you facing any receiving email problem, feel free to send me an email. Please note that I will answer all email support requests personally. Because i'm live in Malaysia, may be we are live in different region, please don't think i can reply your email on the spot. But i will try my best to reply your email as soon as possible.  

Best Regards,
Kent Liew