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How to Repair LCD TV with Symptom No Display but Blue Screen and Vertical White Bars

Brand: Hisense TLM-3233D LCD TV  

Chassis: MST9 

Symptom: No Display but Blue Screen with Two Vertical White Bars 


no display but blue screen with vertical white bars

When power on this lcd tv, the screen show no display but blue screen with two vertical white bars. The two vertical white bars will flash but no any content inside. The LCD TV can hear the sound and remote control to change channel properly. Try other video signals input like AV and PC also same results. Even try to call out the OSD menu also same problem too.  

Since the LCD TV cannot show the OSD menu and the TV got sound and change channel properly, so that the mainboard is normal. After observation this lcd tv, found that the problem could be in the T-CON board or LCD panel.  

Check LVDS and FPC cables, they are show as normal, then check the T-CON board voltages. All voltages in T-CON board are ok, so that i will suspect the T-CON board mainchip (N39) or their memory chip (N31) defective. I got the junk T-CON board with same part number, but their DC-DC chip was burnt. So the mainchip and memory IC can be use.  


t-con board memory IC circuit

t-con board 24LC128 eeprom location 

Because of the N39 (CM2681) have many pins and the memory IC N31 (24LC128) only have 8 pins, so that I choose to replace the N31 first. After replace the N31, I try to power on the TV, and it was show display perfectly!  

Since this N31 is a memory IC, does that mean IC itself damage or just the firmware corrupt and caused this problem happen? To find out this answer, I use my programmer to copy the working memory IC firmware and write it into the original memory IC. Do you guess what has happen? Yes, the LCD TV working perfectly too! So the problem solved and it was causing by the firmware corrupted.  


Conclusion: The T-CON board memory chip or their firmware corrupt also can cause the screen problem. So that we need to save their firmware and must prepare some junk boards of T-con board, mainboard and inverter board for future use. 

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