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The Method of Bypass LCD Inverter Protection

If you had read my previous article "How to Bypass LCD TV Inverter Board Shutdown Backlight System", then you will know how to use this method. But this article is not teach you how to bypass the inverter protection instead i will let you know the actual feature of this method.

Do you know, if you're wrong using this method and could be causing another BIG problem! That consequence is a Fire! I had found some of the lcd display burnt photo. Below is the photo of Samsung B2230W LCD Monitor and its problem was burnt or call it as "Exploded"!

Samsung B2230W LCD Monitor Burnt

ccfl lamps burnt without inverter protection


I just want to let you know, the method of bypass lcd protection is using for "Testing" purpose only, not to using it as "Repair" lcd display!

For example, an LCD Monitor has backlight shutdown after 2 seconds. So you need to check their inverter section voltage Vcc is present or not. And then the BL_ON signal. If both normal and stable, then you need to check the inverter board/section and the ccfl lamps. Using the ccfl lamp tester to testing ccfl lamps, if all lamps ok, then you should check the inverter section. After checking all of the inverter components and all are normal, then you can start using this bypass inverter protection method to find out which components is defective and causing the backlight system (inverter section) shutdown. 

Please DON'T just removed or bypass the inverter protection and got the display appear normally and then just return it to the customer! It will cause a BIG problem later on. Maybe the lcd monitor or TV burnt, explode or fire!


Enjoy Repair!


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